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Pensioners Club Mission

To facilitate RBC pensioners to get together
To promote and organize recreational activities
To maintain  a relationship  between RBC and its pensioners
To maintain an information network in the various fields of interest of its members trough a website

Pensioners Club Board of directors

RBC pensioners Club Board of directors (Quebec)

Jean-Guy Cyrenne, president
Danielle Prévost, vice-president
Marielle Latour, treasurer
Diane Dagenais, secretary

Administrators / Directors:
Lancy Bruneault, Lina Drolet
Gaston Desormeaux

Regional directions

Québec-Beauce region

Linda Falardeau Secretary/treasurer
Sylvie  Leclerc, administrator
Claire Sauvé Vice president

Saguenay-Lac St-Jean region
Diane Simard
Martine Gagné
Nicole Gauthier

Mauricie region
André Sévigny

Lancy Bruneault
Claude Talbot
Jean-Guy Cyrenne

Pensioners Club History

- 1976, the year the Club foundation.


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